The Initial Investment in any retail franchise is typically composed of three elements – Initial license fees, establishment costs and working capital.

Initial License Fees are one-off fees required to gain access to use MAKATI EXPRESS‘s intellectual property – including the trademarks, the complete business operating system and proprietary technology. It also includes initial training for you and/or key staff. MAKATI EXPRESS‘s initial training includes:

  • Two weeks initial training at corporate office that covers all areas of running the franchise business.
  • One week practical training in one of our corporate-owned Service Centres.
  • One week on-site assistance and training at your location during the opening period.
  • Establishment costs include such things as fit-out, equipment, packaging supplies and other items (stationery/office supplies, legal costs, uniforms, rent deposit, aviation security regulatory training and accounting software).
  • Establishment costs can vary. For example, fit-out costs can vary depending on the size and condition of the premises to be leased.

Like every new business that opens – you will need working capital during the development period of building your business. These additional funds support on-going expenses, such as rent and utilities, to the extent that these costs are not covered by sales revenue in the early development months of your operation.

Total Initial Investment

There are two types of franchise units that can be purchased. The first is the establishment of a new MAKATI EXPRESS Service Centre franchise in a new territory. The second is the acquisition of an existing MAKATI EXPRESS Service Centre.

If Interested you can contact us and will provide you a guide to the initial investment for a MAKATI EXPRESS franchise. A complete list of initial investment details will be provided to you in our MAKATI EXPRESS Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement. At MAKATI EXPRESS, we also require all franchisees to obtain independent accounting and legal advice before they enter into a franchise agreement.